The Neville Public Museum

Guided Tours

Each guided program lasts approximately 45 minutes in our core exhibit gallery, and is partnered with additional 15 minute add-on Gallery Tours and up to an hour of self-guided time.  Our lunchroom can also be reserved for an additional 30 minutes at no charge.  All programs require a minimum of 10 students plus adult chaperones, and the cost is $3 per person. For more information and to reserve a tour please email Ryan or call (920) 448-7840. 

How to Reserve a Tour
         Step 1:  Choose one of our five guided Tour Programs (45 minutes). 
         Step 2:  Choose a Gallery Tour based on the date of your visit (15 minutes each). 
         Step 3:  Submit an online tour request, email, or call Ryan with the following:
    • Date and arrival time
    • Number of students and adults
    • The Tour Program and Gallery Tour(s) you’d like
    • If you would like to use our lunch space
    • Your name, address, phone number, and email

 Click here to submit an online tour request.

Tour Programs

Childhood Past (Pre-K to 2 Grade) 
Learn what life was like for children and their families in Northeastern Wisconsin 100, 1,000, and 10,000 years ago. Students will tour our core exhibit gallery, hear stories and legends from Wisconsin’s past, and explore a collection of historic toys to see how the ideas of "play" and "fun" have changed over time.

Technology and Change (3rd to 8th Grade)  
What do prehistoric stone tools and modern-day computers have in common?  Both were created by brilliant inventors to solve everyday problems.  Discover the many examples of technology and innovation in our state, and how these ideas have changed the world.

Our Environment and Natural Resources (3rd to 6th grade) 
Northeastern Wisconsin has been home to people for thousands of years thanks to the plentiful water, fertile land, minerals, and forests found here.  Learn how the natural world has influenced human behavior, and how peoples’ behavior has affected the natural world.

Conflict and Perspective (4th to 8th Grade) 
Explore how the many groups who have called Northeastern Wisconsin home have related to one another, what happened when there were disagreements, and how two groups can see the same issue or event very differently.

Museum Highlights (6th to 12th Grade and Adults) 
This tour has it this fast-paced overview of the museum, your tour guide will give you the background and context of our most loved exhibits (and some hidden gems) in our core and temporary galleries.  Then, following the guided tour, you are encouraged to take a closer look at the areas you found most interesting during self-guided time.  This option is perfect for groups who want an overview of the entire museum.

*This Program lasts approximately one hour as it includes up to three Gallery Tours.

Click here for details about these programs.

Gallery Tours (availability determined by date of visit) 

Life and Death at Fort Howard (April 16th, 2016 — May 9, 2017) 

Ice Age Imperials (May 27, 2016 — October 30, 2016) 

Eyes on the Sky:  Astronomy in NE Wisconsin (July 16 - November 6, 2016) 

Holiday Memories (November 19, 2016 - January 15, 2017) 

Alice In Dairyland (January 28 - July 9, 2017) 

Estamos Aqui: Celebrating Latino Identity in NE Wisconsin (May 6, 2017-April 2018) 

Neon: Darkness Electrified (July 29 -  January 7, 2018) 

Permian Monsters: Life before the Dinosaurs (September 15, 2017 -January 28, 2018) 

Into the Arctic (April 14-  August 31, 2018) 

Green Bay Packers Hometown Stories 1919-2019 (August 18,  2018-February 2019)

Self-Guided Tours
Looking for an activity for your students to do during self-guided time?  Click the link below to download and print one of our self-guided activities.  The museum can provide pencils and a writing surface by request.

Museum Hours

Sun: Noon-5pm
Mon: Closed
Tue: Noon-8pm
Wed: 9am-5pm
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Sat: 9am-5pm

First Wednesday of every month: 9am-8pm*

*With free admission for Brown County residents from 5pm-8pm with proof of residency