The Neville Public Museum

Miles Bair: The Fleeting Landscape

Exhibit Opens: 25-Feb-2011
Exhibit Ends: 24-Apr-2011

What You'll See

The richly evocative paintings by Miles Bair are as beautifully crafted and expressive as a Japanese haiku. 

Exhibit Details

Deceptively simple on the surface, Bair's paintings utilize color, texture, composition, and a discretionary use of gold and silver to unveil luminous landscapes. 

The woods, water, snow, and sky revealed in these paintings are perhaps most like personal memories.  Anyone who has experienced a magical moment alone in Wisconsin’s forests will recognize what they represent. They are fluid, yet structured—some framed with abstracted geometric elements—but not without a sense of lightness.  While mysterious and dreamlike, they are, at the same time, very recognizable paintings made to be enjoyed on many levels and in many different ways.

Miles Bair is Director of the School of Art at Illinois Wesleyan University in Bloomington.  He teaches painting, art theory and criticism, and art foundations courses at the University, as well. Although he travels frequently to Japan—the influence of Japanese artistic tradition is evident in his work—he is very familiar with Wisconsin, Northeast Wisconsin in particular, spending many hours in the woods for inspiration.  Bair’s paintings have been exhibited in Door County as well as in galleries and museums in Milwaukee, Madison, Racine, and throughout the country.

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