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9 Things To Do and Not To Do at the Museum (Told by the Neville Dinos)

Tuesday, September 08, 2015

1. Do Enjoy the Interactives

Please pet the beaver fur; that’s what it’s there for!



2. Do Not Touch the Artifacts

The less we touch the artifacts the longer their life will be… we want them to last another 100 years!



3. Do Read Labels

There’s a lot of great information in our exhibit that you can find if you read the labels.



4. Do Not Climb on the Displays

Our displays are 32 years old and were designed by the best in the business.  Please respect their work by not sitting or climbing on the ice cave, the mastodon display or the canoe display.



5. Do Watch the Videos

Our exhibits feature some great videos including interviews with Packer greats, a 1913 video of Washington Street, and mini-documentary about the Ice Harvest in Green Bay. 


6. Do Not Bring Food or Drinks into the Exhibits

Food and beverages are harmful to the exhibits and the artifacts.  Please help us preserve our exhibits by not bringing in anything that attracts bugs!



 7. Do Look Up

Throughout the exhibits you'll find some great artifacts and displays above your head!



8. Do Not Run, Wrestle or Rough-House

All of these things can cause harm to you, other visitors and our artifacts.



9. Do Enjoy the View

Our 2nd floor mezzanine offers one of the best views of downtown Green Bay.


We hope you'll remember these when you visit us next time!  In the meantime we hope you follow Arthur, Ella, Frank and Sophie on their adventures in the museum on Twitter @NevilleDinos



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