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Estamos Aquí: Celebrating Latino Identity in NE Wisconsin

Estamos Aquí (“We are Here”) features the artifacts and personal stories of many Latino families in Northeastern Wisconsin. The bilingual exhibit celebrates the diverse cultures and traditions that have endured emigration from across Latin America. This collaborative exhibit was developed with museum staff and the Hispanic Community Resource Center (Casa Alba). (May 6, 2017 - April 2018)

The Initiated Eye: Secrets, Symbols, Freemasonry and the Architecture of Washington, DC

This exhibit explores the Masonic ideals and designs implicit in the fabric of our nation’s capital. From the republican ideals made manifest in stone, to the carefully defined vistas linking famous heroes who were also Freemasons, The Initiated Eye offers an intriguing architectural and historical perspective by combining artist Peter Waddell's paintings with seldom seen Masonic artifacts.
(June 10th, 2017 – September 3, 2017)

Neon: Darkness Electrified  

Neon: Darkness Electrified will feature over 30 rare neon signs from the personal collection of Jed Schleisner of Greenville.  Schleisner is one of the last working neon sign artisans in the NE Wisconsin region.  The exhibit will also feature the science and technology behind the signs, as well as the history behind the advertising technique. (July 29, 2017 - January 7, 2018)

Permian Monsters: Life before the Dinosaurs  

Step back in time 290 million years when bizarre-looking animals dominated life on land and sea, and find out about the greatest extinction the world has ever seen in Permian Monsters: Life before the Dinosaurs. This unique traveling exhibition brings the past back to life with fossilized skeletons and full size life models of the animals that ruled the world millions of years before the age of dinosaurs, in a time known as the Permian. The exhibition blends art and science with a collection of new artwork which offers a glimpse back in time through the eyes of award winning paleo-artist Julius Csotonyi. View fossilized skeletons and reconstructed models of these amazing but bizarre creatures that dominated land and sea; and dig and identify fossils in the interactive dig pits throughout the exhibition. (September 15, 2017 - January 28, 2018)

Green Bay Art Colony Annual Exhibition (February 3, 2018 - April 1, 2018)

Exquisite Miniatures: The Art of Wes & Rachelle Siegrist 

Sixty-five exquisite miniature paintings by Wes and Rachelle Siegrist will be featured in an unprecedented national traveling museum exhibition. The exhibition includes portraits, landscapes, wildlife and still-life’s. The paintings are not small. They are tiny. The paintings measure less than nine square inches and appear even more detailed when viewed under a magnifying glass. (January 13, 2018 - March 25, 2018)

Into the Arctic Art Exhibit 

Almost a decade ago Cory Trepanier artist and filmmaker began his Into The Arctic project with the unique artistic goal of creating the most unprecedented collection of original oil paintings of our time from the Canadian Arctic.To accomplish this, Cory undertook 3 extensive Arctic painting/ filming expeditions, painting many landscapes that have never been captured on canvas before. Visitors will be seized by the stark beauty of this majestic land through Cory’s passionate brushstrokes. 
(April 14, 2018 - August 31, 2018) 

An Artistic Discovery (April 7, 2018 - June 3, 2018)

73rd Art Annual (June 9, 2018 - July 29, 2018)

The Brown County Bicentennial {1818 - 2018}

Over the past two centuries, the residents of Brown County have left their unique mark on the physical, cultural, and political landscape of Northeastern Wisconsin.  Explore the histories, stories, and artifacts that shaped Wisconsin's oldest county. Developed in conjunction with fellow Brown County departments, the exhibit will showcase collections of photographs, film, artifacts, and more.
(June 2018 - October 2019)

Green Bay Packers Hometown Stories 1919-2019

In honor of 100 years of Green Bay Packers football, this exhibit will feature the personal stories, artifacts, and shared memories of the cultural icon we call Packer Nation.  As the only cooperatively owned team in the NFL, coupled with a century of championships, the last of the "farm town teams" remains  truly Americas football team.  (August 2018 - 2019)

Please note that dates and exhibits are subject to change.

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