The Neville Public Museum

Virtual Learning

Bring the treasures of the Neville into your classroom using Google Hangouts!  In these programs an expert from the museum will share artifacts not normally on display with your students, and connect them to your curriculum and the students’ everyday lives.

The total duration of the program will be between 45 and 60 minutes, and the program fee is $50 for up to three classrooms; multi-classroom presentations will last slightly longer.  Programs can be adapted for any grade level.

Call Ryan at (920) 448-7840 or email at with questions or to register.

How it Works 
Before the Program 
Step 1:  View the below list of topics, and email Ryan with the program you would 
              like, a few dates/times that work well for your classroom, and a time 7-10 
              days before the program you are available to do a tech test.

Step 2:  On the day of the tech test, we will ensure that we are able to connect via 
              Google Hangouts, and will go over any questions and logistics. 

Step 3:  On the day of the program we will “call” you via Google Hangouts 
              approximately 20 minutes before the program start time. 

During the Program 
The program itself will last between 30 and 40 minutes, and there will be additional time for questions to follow.  The presenters will ask questions during the program, and students who would like to answer should step in front of the camera so we can hear and see them.  

The program will start with a discussion about what a museum is, and why the Neville Museum is unique.  We will then take a close look at a handful of selected artifacts that help us learn about the topic, and end with time for students to ask questions.  

After the Program 
Students are encouraged to continue the discussion after the Hang Out is finished, and we will answer any additional questions that may come up via email.  We will also send you a short evaluation survey and ask for a total count of participants for our records.             

Program Options 
Celebrating Culture 
The toys that a society creates can tell us a lot about their culture.  We will explore a handful of figurines and dolls from the museum’s extensive collection in order to learn about the traditions, values, food, clothing, art, language, and celebrations of the people that created them.  This program is ideal for students in kindergarten through third grade.  

This program meets the following Wisconsin Model Academic Standards for Social Studies: A.4.4, A.4.7, B.4.9, B.4.10, B.4.1, B.4.3, E.4.2, E.4.3, E.4.4, E.4.8, E.4.9, E.4.11, E.4.14, E.4.13, E.4.15

Mysteries of Ancient Egypt
Did you know that there are pieces of Ancient Egypt right here in Green Bay?  In this program you’ll explore artifacts like cuneiform tablets, a mirror from an Egyptian princess, and at least one mummified animal as we learn about why these objects were created, how they got all the way to Green Bay, and some of the challenges of working with objects this fragile and important. 

This program meets the following Wisconsin Model Academic Standards for Social StudiesA.4.4, B.4.4, B.4.8, B.4.9, E.4.9, E.4.11, E.4.13

Technology of the Past and Future 
Although almost every object in our collection can be considered a piece of technology, in this program we will share an entire table full of artifacts that now fit in your pocket…in the form of a mobile phone.  See how people of the past “texted,” shared photos, got around using the original GPS, and listened to music before Pandora and Spotify. 

This program meets the following Wisconsin Model Academic Standards for Social Studies: B.4.1, B.4.4, B.4.8, B.4.9, D.4.3, E.4.12, E.4.13  
This program meets the following Wisconsin Model Academic Standards for Science:  A.4.5, B.4.1, B.4.3, G.4.1, G.4.2, G.4.3, G.4.5, H.4.1, H.4.3

Archaeology in Brown County
Human history in our region goes back at least 10,000 years, and the Neville is home to many rare and important artifacts that people have left behind since then.  Learn how people used the resources around them to adapt to their changing world by developing new ways of meeting their basic needs like food, shelter, clothing, and community.

This program meets the following Wisconsin Model Academic Standards for Social Studies: A.4.1, A.4.4, A.4.7, A.4.8, B.4.1, B.4.3, B.4.4, B.4.8, B.4.9, B.4.10, E.4.4, E.4.8, E.4.9, E.4.12, E.4.13 

Museum Hours

Sun: Noon-5pm
Mon: Closed
Tue: Noon-8pm
Wed: 9am-5pm
Thu: 9am-5pm
Fri: 9am-5pm
Sat: 9am-5pm

First Wednesday of every month: 9am-8pm*

*With free admission for Brown County residents from 5pm-8pm with proof of residency