Dinner Programs 2016-2017

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Dinner Programs 2016-2017

August 11, 2016

Neville Public Museum 2016-2017 Dinner Program Schedule Open for Registration
Green Bay, WI---August 11, 2016---The Neville Public Museum Foundation is pleased to offer a schedule of exciting and educational Dinner Programs!  Dinners begin at 5:00 p.m. and the program begins at 6:00 p.m. at the Neville Public Museum. 
The 2017-2017 Dinner Program schedule includes:
Impacts from Outer Space
September 22, 2016
Extraterrestrial impacts formed our planet and our moon, and are linked to great extinctions of life. This program investigates where these impactors come from, what they are, and what happens during impacts and the aftermath, with attention given to historical cases.
Goode Rebeka, Trial by Fire, “The Salem Witch Trials
October 25, 2016
It was a new world. The settlers from England had gained a foothold in the verdant land called “Amerika”. Old traditions would be laid aside, new ones instituted. Greed, jealousy, suspicion would still persist. Were these at the root of “The Salem Witch Trials”? Innocent residents of Salem, Massachusetts were tried and many executed in perhaps the most infamous chapter in early American history.
Decorating Your Victorian Home for the Holidays
November 10, 2016   
Red velvet bows; greenery everywhere; trees sparkling with candles and lots of ornaments. These are the types of things we typically think of when hearing the phrase: “Victorian Christmas Decorations”.  But, is this what it was really like?  For most people in the Midwest, it was not.  Using historical photographs and documentation, this program will explore the advent of Christmas decorations beginning in the 1830s and carrying over into the present.
World War I Christmas Miracle
December 8, 2016

Rochelle Pennington’s program draws directly from writings and photos left by soldiers who participated in the events of Christmas 1914 after celebrating the holiday with their enemies. It’s estimated that 100,000 soldiers experienced the unofficial Christmas Truce, which spanned hundreds of miles along the trenches.
Pistols and Petticoats: 175 Years of Lady Detectives in Fact and Fiction
February 23, 2016
In 1910, Alice Wells took the oath to join the all-male Los Angeles Police Department. She wasn’t the first or only policewoman, but she became the movement’s most visible voice. Police work from its very beginning was considered a male domain, far too dangerous and rough for a respectable woman to even contemplate doing, much less take on as a profession.  Yet within the covers of popular fiction, women not only wrote mysteries but also created female characters that handily solved crimes. Erika Janik will share the story of the women who blazed the trail in law enforcement in real life and in books.
The Life of St. Patrick
March 16, 2017
St. Patrick of Ireland- the man, the myth, the legend. St. Patrick, patron saint of Ireland is one of Ireland’s best known saints and his life is intermingled with fact and folklore. Come and be immersed in the real St. Patrick through his footsteps around Ireland and his writings which detail a passionate man who lived a full life infused with laughter and love. 
Joyce Westerman and the All American Girls Professional Baseball League
April 27, 2017  
Joyce helped change the perception that sports are too tough for women. Joyce was one of more than 550 women who played in the All American Girls Professional Baseball League from 1943-1954. Thirty six years after she quit playing professional baseball, Joyce and the other women from “The League” were chosen to become members of the Baseball Hall of Fame. Learn about Joyce’s experiences in the league, struggles as a child during the Depression, and the challenges working at American Motors. 
Wisconsin Agriculture: A History
May 18, 2017  
Though Wisconsin didn’t begin as a dairy state, by 1900 dairying became its major agricultural industry. The state also continued to produce a diversity of other agricultural products. In fact, Wisconsin is one of the most diverse agricultural states in the nation. The story of farming and dairying in Wisconsin is rich, and the threads of that story are related and intertwined. Jerry Apps examines everything from fundamental influences of landscape and weather to complex matters of ethnic and pioneer settlement patterns, changing technology, agricultural research and education.
The cost per program is: 
$20/ for each Neville Member
$25/ for each Non-member 
You can find additional information and register online at www.NevillePublicMuseum.org.
Submitted by:
Rachel Ott
Neville Public Museum Foundation
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