Loggers Coming soon to the Neville Public Museum

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Loggers Coming soon to the Neville Public Museum

August 13, 2019

“Loggers” Coming Soon to the Neville Public Museum
Green Bay, WI—August 13, 2019— Lyndon Fayne Pomeroy’s “Loggers” moved from the former Bank Mutual building to Renco Machine Company, INC. for restoration before relocation to the Neville Public Museum fall of 2019.
We are pleased to announce that Associated Bank has gifted the Neville Public Museum "Loggers.” This morning Renco Machine Company, INC. removed the sculpture from the grounds, loaded the public art onto two trucks and moved it offsite for minor restoration. Re-instillation will take place this fall on the south side of the Neville Public Museum.
“Loggers” is a fabricated steel sculpture depicting one man driving a team of two horses, transporting a large log on skids, with another man standing on the log, navigating. It is a depiction of the mid-19th century logging era in Wisconsin, measuring approximately 12 feet high by 9 feet wide and 34 feet long. The sculpture dates from 1980 and was commissioned by the bank’s predecessor. It is signed and dated by artist Lyndon Fayne Pomeroy (1925-2018).
About the Artist: Lyndon Fayne Pomeroy received his Bachelor of Applied Arts and his Masters in Art from Bozeman. He taught at Northern Montana College and then Eastern Montana College until 1961. He made his living as a sculptor from then on. When creating sculpture in steel the process was controlled by five anatomies. The anatomies had no particular order or importance. According to Pomeroy’s obituary the anatomies “were the material being used, the tool being applied to the material, the theme of the idea, his knowledge of the materials and his skill level with the tools, and the monkey on his back.”
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