NWTC Collaboration at the Neville

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NWTC Collaboration at the Neville

March 18, 2019

Apposite Media: A Remix of the System exhibit open now.
Green Bay, WI—March 18, 2019 — Over 30 pieces of artwork created at the Northeast Wisconsin Technical College (NWTC) Artisan and Business Center are showcased at the Neville Public Museum.
The exhibition titled, Apposite Media: A Remix of the System, features pieces created by Artisan Center instructors and students, including work by the East High Fine Arts Institute and Homeschool Art Program students.
The show is a mix of media which highlights the multiple studio experience provided at the NWTC Artisan and Business Center. All artwork in the exhibit incorporates at least of two studio concepts. The Artisan Center offers studio space in woodturning, painting, drawing, ceramics, fused glass, textiles and art metals.
“The concept behind ‘Apposite Media’ is to encourage artisans to go outside of their comfort zone and express themselves in a way that utilizes multiple media and studio approaches, all while completing a cohesive work of art,” NWTC Artisan and Business Center Artistic Design Coordinator Jason Keller said.
The word “Apposite” is used to describe something that is very appropriate for something else—a notion suggested by the close proximity of two objects. To ‘remix the system’ is individual to each artisan, as their interpretation of what the system is varied from person to person,” Keller said.
Open now through June 2, 2019.
For more information please visit www.nevillepublicmuseum.org
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Beth A. Lemke • Executive Director
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210 Museum Place • Green Bay, WI 54303
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