Permian Monsters: Life Before Dinosaurs

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Permian Monsters: Life Before Dinosaurs

September 14, 2017

Permian Monsters: Life Before Dinosaurs Opening This Weekend at the Neville!
Green Bay, WI---September 14, 2017---Step back in time 290 million years when reptiles dominated life on land and sea and find out about the greatest extinction the world has ever seen in Permian Monsters: Life before the Dinosaurs!
This unique traveling exhibit brings the past back to life with fossilized skeletons and full size life models of the animals that ruled the world millions of years before the age of dinosaurs. The exhibition blends art and science with a collection of new artwork from award winning paleo-artist Julius Csotonyi.
View fossilized skeletons and reconstructed models of these amazing but bizarre creatures that dominated land and sea; and dig and identify fossils in the interactive dig pits throughout the exhibition.
For more information on Permian Monsters please visit our websitePermian Monsters will be on display through January 28, 2018. 
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