The Neville's Generations Gallery Introduces Women Artists

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The Neville's Generations Gallery Introduces Women Artists

December 8, 2021

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: The Neville's Generations Gallery Introduces Women Artists

Green Bay, WI—December 8, 2021— For over a century the Neville Public Museum has collected and preserved history.  We encourage you to explore our vast collection through a variety of themes and the stories of the people of Northeastern Wisconsin in the Generations Gallery. 
In the 2019-2020 core gallery renovation, we promised an accessible gallery that rotates the museum’s artifact collection to provide a new experience at each visit.  We are happy to announce that we have updated The Art Section to focus on Women Artists.
Art is everywhere.  It is a universal human trait to express emotion through different forms of art.  Art can be found on a wall in a museum, on the side of a building, or on a stage. 
Women are an influential part of the art community but have often been marginalized and excluded. The Neville’s permanent art collection contains over 300 works of art created by women. The Generations Gallery now features 50 art selections representing just some of the variety of media and subjects as well as diversity amongst the artists themselves.
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Submitted by:
Beth A. Kowalski Lemke • Executive Director
[email protected]
210 Museum Place • Green Bay, WI 54303
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