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Day Camp - Environment


The Neville is excited to offer weekly day camps this fall.  Whether you are looking for a break in a long week of virtual school, need a few hours of childcare to run errands, or want to have some time to get some work done from home, our drop-off day camps will keep the kids busy with some fun activities.

How It Works

Camp is open to kids in grades 3 through 6.  Drop off starts at 8:45 and pick up is at 3:00.  We’ll do a number of short activities and games related to the history, science, and art exhibits here at the museum, as well as have time for art projects and time in our computer lab.  Each week will be different, so whether you register for every week or just one we’ll have an exciting line-up of activities.  There will be a lunch break with some free-choice time in the middle of the day.


Click below to register for one or multiple dates.  Registration for each Thursday closes the preceding Friday at noon.  Registration for museum members is $15 and $20 for non-members; click here to learn how to become and member and save today!

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NOTE:  We require a minimum of five campers per date.  If attendance falls below that level we will transfer your registration to a different date or issue a refund.

COVID Precautions

Safety is our first concern.  Campers and staff are required to wear a mask at all times and we will be spreading out as much as possible to maintain social distancing.  Camps will be limited to 15 campers and we will do temperature checks for each camper at drop-off.  Campers with a high temperature or other symptoms of illness will not be able to attend that day, and their registration will either be transferred to another date or refunded.

Weekly Themes

September 17 – Space

Learn about the types of bodies in space and the sizes and distances between them, and how humans use technology to explore beyond the earth.

September 24 – Environment

Use engineering skills to build “prototypes” to capture an invasive species, and learn how other human actions have affected the natural world.

October 1 – Life in the Past

Learn about how life was different or the same for people who lived in our community 100, 1000, or 10,000 years ago.

October 8 – Ancient Animals

Wisconsin is home to thousands of animals today, but there are thousands more that lived here at one time that no longer live anywhere…learn about the extinct animals that used to call our community home.

October 15 – Recycled Racers

Use engineering skills to build “prototypes” to build race cars out of recycled materials and participate in our Recycled Racer Rally.

October 22 – History’s Mysteries

The museum is home to thousands of unique, rare, and just plain weird artifacts.  Learn about some of our favorites, and discover favorites of your own!

*Additional dates may be added as the situation with COVID-19 and school status changes.

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