Artifact Donation

Artifact Donation
Tell us about your object(s). Please complete the form below and send an image, but first, here are some things you should know:
  • Donations are forever! Your gift becomes the property of the people of Brown County, WI.
  • The Neville Public Museum relies on the generosity of donors to expand and refine its collections in line with its mission and collecting scope.
  • Collecting is limited to items relating to Northeastern Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Common objects with an identified regional provenance are preferred. Objects in the areas of History, Science, and Art are collected with an emphasis on interpretation and exhibition and secondarily research and study.
  • It takes a while. the donation process can take 60 days or longer. All items offered for the permanent collection are carefully reviewed by staff and the Collections Committee before they are accepted. Some of the things we consider in reviewing the objects can be found in the board approved Collections Management Policy.
  • To assist with the review process, donors are asked to provide photographs and information digitally.
  • The Neville Public Museum is a department of Brown County government. As such, donations may be deducted on federal and state taxes, as respective regulations permit.
  • If your donation is accepted, you will be asked to sign a deed of gift, which transfers ownership of your item(s) to the Neville Public Museum of Brown County and guarantees that the object(s) was legally yours to give.
  • Very important:
    • Items brought to the museum without first contacting staff will not be accepted. You will be asked to take them with you.
Finally, we can't take it all! Thanks to the generous donations of past years, space in exhibits and storage is limited.Important things to remember:
  • Tell us your story.
  • Send a photo.
  • Don't just drop in.
  • Donations are forever.
Now here's that form:

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What do you know about the original owner:
Has anyone else owned the items? If yes, who and when?
Do you have any documents associated with the object, such as photographs, bill of sale, letters, instruction booklets, etc.?
Do you have any additional information on the history, ownership, and documentation of your objects (including stories or anecdotes):
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