The Neville Public Museum

Ebeneezer Childs

Dear Sir,

            I have understood that Augustin Grignon is expected down to day as soon as he arrives I wish to have you call on him and advise with him what course it will be best to pursue in regard to my family you can say to him what I have stated to you say to him from my own knowledge that I am convinced that Washburn is the father of Margaret‘s child whether it is him or not I have no positive proof but one thing I do know and that I swear before God & Man that I am not you can say to him you can say to him that I still respect him and all of the family and would like to remain friends but one thing is certain that I can never live with my wife any more that I forgive her for all the acts of her life while living with me and that I am willing to give her any part of my property which any three disinterested men may say that I had ought to give her after paying all of my debts – you can make any arrangement that you may think proper in relation to the mortgage on my Astor property I sold two lots for $2250.00 you can say to him that I will give him one deed to him two lots if he will give up the Mortgage. I pity the old gent I am in hopes that you will be able to reconcile him if he wishes to see me I am willing to see him at any place except my house and shall always be ready and pleased to meet him in all places

                                                                                                            I remain ___(?)

                                                                                                            ___(?) yours

                                                                                                                        E Childs

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