Homeschool Groups

Homeschool Groups
If you have any questions, please contact our Education Specialist, Ali via email or call 920-448-7840.

Self-Guided Tour

Visit the museum and explore the exhibit galleries on your own.
We offer discounted group rates for groups of 10+ paying participants. Groups under 10 paying participants must pay general admission prices.

Minimum 10 paying participants
$4 per person

Guided Tour

Participate in a 30-minute-long guided program on a specific topic or gallery in the museum and then explore the galleries on your own after the tour. An overview of each guided program can be viewed here.

Minimum 15 paying participants
$6 per person

Group Requirements

Self-Guided: minimum 10 paying guests
Guided: minimum of 15 paying guests

Groups under the size requirements will be required to pay general admission for self-guided tours and private tour admission for guided tours.

To schedule a group visit to the NPM, please fill all fields in the visit request below and submit. When processed, you will receive a confirmation email with maps, payment options, chaperone requirements, and more. If the date of your confirmed trip needs to change or if your numbers change significantly, please inform us.
Group visits must be booked at least two weeks in advance. Groups must be pre-registered to qualify for the NPM group discount rate.
A complete list of the Neville Public Museum’s rates and fees can be viewed here.

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