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Engineering Adventures

Using the Engineering Adventures curriculum, students will participate in a series of hands-on projects and challenges that will teach them about the engineering process and how those skills are applied in the real world.  Engineering Adventures is a program developed by the Museum of Science (Boston) that introduces children to engineering and the Engineering Design Process

Each unit is based on the adventures of India and Jacob, a brother and sister duo who travel the world tackling engineering challenges.  Units start with a warm-up activity, feature a tour of the museum's exhibits to learn about artifacts related to the topic, and finish with a hands-on building challenge.

Duration: Each unit lasts approximately three hours.
Capacity:  15 
Age:  8 to 13 years old 
Program fee:   $10 per participating child.  Family members who would like to visit the museum during or after the program are admitted at half price.

Hop to It 
Oh no! India and Jacob accidentally brought a cane toad from Australia to New Zealand. Cane toads are pests. They’re an invasive species that hurts native species in Australia—and they could do the same in New Zealand. Kids will help India and Jacob engineer a humane trap to catch the toad.

Recycled Racers 
India and Jacob visit Senegal, where they’re impressed by the way people recycle items that would ordinarily be discarded by turning them into toys, sculptures, and household objects. Your kids will use recycled materials to engineer their own toy cars, then compete in a Recycled Racer Rally.
Programs last approximately three hours.
Programs last approximately three hours.

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