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Astronomical Society
For anyone with a true passion for astronomy.

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The Neville Public Museum Astronomical Society (NPMAS) is a fellowship of amateur astronomers. We join together to share learnings, experiences, and the passion we have for astronomy. We nurture and promote this interest through our activities. The foundation of our endeavors is the enjoyment we share.


The benefits of membership are the best reason to join NPMAS today! As a member you will receive: access to all NPMAS events, voting privileges, use of the club telescopes, use of the club library, access to the web page NPMAS newsletter, The Eyepiece, access to the club's observing sites and star parties, membership in the Astronomical League, four issues of the Astronomical League newsletter, The Reflector, and reduced subscription rates for Sky & Telescope magazine and/or Astronomy magazine. Membership dues are $25.00 for single and $35.00 for family.


The NPMAS meets at the Museum on the first Wednesday of each month from 6:30PM to 8:30PM. The meetings are free and open to the public and include society business, an astronomy-related presentation and an overview of a Deep Sky Object of the Month.
There are no meetings in January.

Download the 2024 Schedule of Events Brochure
For a detailed schedule of events and for NPMAS membership information, call Brian Chopp at (920) 544-0708 or visit

Public Observing Nights

Join the members of the NPMAS throughout the year as they set up their telescopes and binoculars for public viewings of night sky objects including the moon, planets, stars and galaxies. Observing will take place at the Danz Avenue entrance to the Wildlife Sanctuary. All Public Observing Nights are free.

Community Outreach

NPMAS provides, free of charge, astronomy-related programs, presentations and/or star parties to scout groups, schools and other interested groups or organizations.

Star Parties

Star parties are an important part of our club activities. Members bring their telescopes to a dark sky site. Beginning members get a chance to learn the night sky on an individual basis with the more experienced observers. Experienced observers get the chance to further their own development by observing more difficult objects. Members have access to various star parties in and around Wisconsin to improve their skill and knowledge of the night sky.

Other Activities

Include field trips, club picnic and holiday dinner party. Weekend trips include Camp U-nah-li-ya Winter Weekend, Wisconsin Observer's Weekend, Parmentier Observing Weekends, Kroes Observing Weekends, Amberg Star Party, Northwoods Starfest, Northern Nights Star Fest, as well as regional and national conventions.


NPMAS is a member of the Night Sky Network, an association with NASA, JPL and the ASP to bring astronomy to the public in a fun and engaging way. We are also an Astronomical League Member Society.
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Brian Chopp, (920) 544-0708
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