The Neville Public Museum

Guided Tours2020

After 36 years our permanent exhibit will be temporarily closed from May 2019 until August 2020 for much needed upgrades.  During this major renovation two of our special exhibit galleries will remain open, and a handful of new smaller displays will also be available for you to see.  

We're also facing new challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic, but remain open for group visits on Tuesday mornings from 9:00 to noon, with some extra precautions.  Please contact us below with information about your group and we will work with you to develop a plan!

Call Ryan at (920) 448-7840 or email [email protected] with the below information:

  • Three options of dates your group is available to visit
  • Your arrival time
  • The number of students and adults who will be attending
  • The grade level of your students
  • Which classroom activity you'd like to participate in (see below)
Fee Structure
  • Schools, home school groups, and other youth organizations: $4 per youth and adult for guided tours.
  • Adult groups and organizations:  $7 per person, with accompanying youth at $3
  • Other rates may apply for customized tours and activities as requested.

Classroom Activity Options 
Please choose one of the below options to accompany your guided tour:

Then and Now (Pre K-4)
People throughout history have all needed the same things:  food, shelter, clothing, and entertainment.  In this program students will learn about some of the different groups of people who have called Wisconsin home over the last 12,000 years and have a chance to handle some of the resources that helped those communities survive.

Space Stations (Grades 3-5)
Wrap your mind around the sizes and distances of bodies in space in this out-of-this-world workshop!  Students will learn about the proportions of the planet’s sizes and plot the distance between them, create their own lunar and solar eclipses, view constellations and hear the legends behind them, and discuss the lifecycles of stars and other celestial bodies.

Experience the Fur Trade (Grades 4-8)
Transport your students back to one of the most important turning points in Wisconsin history.  Students will handle reproductions of items used during the fur trade and experience some of the challenges and rewards that traders and Native People would have faced by participating in a simulation game.
*This program requires at least one adult chaperone for every five students.

Museum Hours

Sun: Noon-5pm
Mon: Closed
Tue: Noon-8pm
Wed: 9am-5pm
Thu: 9am-5pm
Fri: 9am-5pm
Sat: 9am-5pm

First Wednesday of every month: 9am-8pm*
*With free admission for Brown County residents with proof of residency