The Neville Public Museum

Packers Heritage Trail

Green Bay’s cultural identity is closely tied to its famous professional football team, whose roots extend across the landscape of Brown County. To celebrate this identity, the Packers Heritage Trail was designed as a self-guided walking tour that weaves together the colorful stories of the people and places that have played an important role in Packers history within this community.

The Packers Heritage Trail consists of 22 commemorative bronze plaques, with the trailhead located at the front entrance of the Neville Public Museum. On the journey, you can see Curly Lambeau’s childhood home, as well as the birthplace of the Packers; visit the train depot that sent off the team for road games; and stop at City Stadium, where the Packers played home games from 1925 to 1956. You will also see the hotel that Vince Lombardi held his first press conference as Head Coach, and the church where he attended daily mass.

Seventeen of the plaques are part of a City Walk, while five others are located on two separate spurs. Trail maps are available at the Neville Public Museum.

The Packers Heritage Trail is designed and supported by The Packers Heritage Trail Foundation, which is a non-profit public charity founded by Cliff and Shirley Christl. Further details can be found on the Packers Heritage Trail website,

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