Spectacular Science

Spectacular Science
Exhibit Opens
April 3, 2021

Ciencia Espectacular (Espanol)
Kev Tshawb Fawb Tshaj Lij (Hmong)
Cilmiga Sayniska ee Spectacular (Somali)

Spectacular Science

is the Neville Public Museum’s gallery focused on subjects of science. This exhibit provides the museum with the opportunity to present four different mini science exhibits with hands-on experiences. Spectacular Science is located on the museum’s first floor and rotates a themed section once a year. 

Current Sections:

Why do we get sick? Come discover how germs affect our bodies and why diseases spread. Explore our "Disease Hall of Fame" to learn more about some of the deadliest diseases in history and the germs that cause them.

Explore the science and physics behind light. Interact with experiments that demonstrate exciting concepts from reflection and refraction to how light impacts color. Discover the wonders of light. 

There is science in everything, including in our candy! How does temperature and altitude affect sugar? How do chemical reactions help us make different flavors of candy? Dive into the sugary world of candy and explore the complex science behind making tasty treats.

There are multiple careers that fall under the umbrella of engineering. Come learn about the design process used by all engineers to solve their problems. See Lambeau Field made with over 130,000 LEGO bricks, and discover the basic principles used by engineers to build strong structures.


Upcoming Sections:

Weather and Natural Disasters: Unlock the secrets of nature and discover the forces behind weather and natural disasters. The exhibit will engage visitors in the science behind some of Mother Nature’s most dramatic and destructive events. From blizzards to tornadoes, visitors will explore how these phenomena form, how they affect our region, and how people can prepare for them. (Fall 2024)

Past Sections:

The Neville cares for more than 300 specimens and artifacts related to birds. From helping engineer our forests to being one of the biggest trends in fashion; birds have an impact on our daily lives. Explore our taxidermy and artwork to discover our relationship with these feathered creatures.

Bees are more than buzzing bugs that sting. They are diverse and complex insects that play an important role in the environment and our agriculture. Adventure into the world of bees and discover what bees are, where they live, what they do, and how they can affect us.
All exhibit dates subject to change.