Past Exhibits

Past Exhibits

HerStory explored the changing roles and experiences of women in work, politics and their community through photographs, stories, and artifacts.

Science of Sound

The Science of Sound examined how sound is created by vibrations and moves in waves. Guests could explore how sounds are made and heard in nature and discover how we can use technology to create and hear sound as well.

Spectacular Science: Birds

Birds featured specimens from our taxidermy collection, including over 150 birds, eggs, and nests. Not only did guests learn about bird adaptations, they also could hear bird calls and compare their wingspans to a variety of species.

An Artistic Discovery 2022

An Artistic Discovery featured 49 works of art from 12 schools produced by high school students in Wisconsin's 8th Congressional District, represented by Congressman Mike Gallagher.

107th Green Bay Art Colony Exhibition

For more than a century, hundreds of women artists have been part of the Green Bay Art Colony. These women continue to inspire each other, educate the public, encourage new artists and give scholarships to art students. Styles and club rules may have changed, but the dream to keep art and culture part of the community remains the same.

76th Art Annual

The 76th Art Annual exhibit was an all-media, juried exhibition of current artworks produced by artists living in the counties of Northeastern Wisconsin and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. This juried art exhibition began in 1942 during the height of World War II. For three-quarters of a century, many of this region’s most celebrated and talented artists have exhibited their work as part of this Green Bay tradition.

Reviving Traditional Arts of the Oneida

Reviving Traditional Arts of the Oneida was a partnership with the Oneida Nation Arts Program and the Oneida Nation Museum. The exhibit highlighted the cultural legacy of basketry, pottery, and silverwork among the Oneida people. 

NWTC Artisan and Business Center: Milestones

This was a collaboration with the Museum and the Northeast Wisconsin Technical College Artisan and Business Center. The exhibit included works in all mediums that were created by students and faculty.

106th Green Bay Art Colony Exhibition: Art Gone Viral

Due to a challenging year with the COVID-19 pandemic, the theme for 2021's exhibition is "Art Gone Viral." These works were reflective of the personal expressions of overcoming difficulty, while remaining optimistic for a post-pandemic world.


Guns & Gowns

Over the past 200 years, the fashion and firearms industries have transformed. What sparked these changes? Technology, Politics, and Society. From the American Revolution to the Vietnam War, explore two centuries of fashion and firearms and the trends that defined each era.
75th Art Annual

The 75th Art Annual exhibit was an all-media, juried exhibition of current artworks produced by artists living in the counties of Northeastern Wisconsin and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. A total of 54 artworks by 50 artists were chosen by juror Annemarie Sawkins.
An Artistic Discovery

An Artistic Discovery was an annual exhibition of high school art sponsored by the United States Congress in each congressional district in the nation. Featured at the Neville are artworks from students in Wisconsin’s Eighth Congressional District.

Unlock the secret lives of bees and how these tiny insects have a big impact on your life. Bees are more than buzzing bugs that sting; they play a dynamic role in the environment and our agriculture. Adventure into the hive to discover how bees live and work and why threats to them impact you.

From helping engineer our forests to being one of the biggest trends in fashion, birds have had an impact on our lives. Birds explores our relationship with these feathered creatures through the Neville’s collection of taxidermy and art. 
Hindsight is 2020: NWTC Artisan & Business Center Art Exhibit

Hindsight is 20/20: A Retrospective was a juried exhibition hosted at the Neville Public Museum that featured the artwork of Artisan and Business Center students and instructors.
The Green Bay Art Colony: The Legacy Continues

In 1915, nine women created the Green Bay Art Club to assure that art and culture would be part of the local community. Every year since 1927, an exhibit of the Colony members’ current artwork has been exhibited at the Neville Public Museum. 
The Otto Stiller Collection

In 1971, the Museum displayed an exhibit called “Recollections of a Younger Green Bay: The Otto Stiller Photography Collection.” The exhibit featured over 200 photographic enlargements from his family business demonstrating the changes of Green Bay from the late 1800s through 1942 including captions written by Stiller himself.