"Room 108: The Clearing" Pop-Up Exhibit
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June 10, 2023September 10, 2023

Room 108: The Clearing is a locally filmed movie set in a dual timeline of 1899/1900 and 1999/2000. Filming was originally inspired by a Wisconsin urban legend set at the Vic Theatre in Green Bay (now the Orpheum Theatre) where a double murder and homicide occurred after opening night of a new Broadway play. When Freddy Moyano, director, co-writer and one of the actors of Room 108: The Clearing, read about the urban legend, it inspired him to create his own take on it for an independent movie.
The feature-length film showcases some of the area’s history as told through a fictional story that uses time travel and supernatural elements to connect places in Green Bay that are 100 years apart. Over 200 actors, crew members, volunteers from NE Wisconsin to as far as Massachusetts have been involved in this production. Room 108: The Clearing contains elements of science fiction, thriller, and mystery movies and the film will premiere at 1 p.m. Aug. 27 during the MLC Awards at The Tarlton Theatre in Green Bay with cast and crew.
The objects displayed for this pop-up exhibition were on loan from Freddy Moyano and depicted nine thematically important sections of the movie.
For more information about Room 108: The Clearing please visit https://www.room108themovie.com/
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