Lego Lambeau Fan Figurines

Lego Lambeau Fan Figurines

Donate today to have your own custom figurine become a part of the world's largest Lambeau Field LEGO model!


Neville Fan Figurines are $100 each and are a tax-deductible donation to the Neville Public Museum Foundation.
Figurines come with a number on the back in the order in which they are sold and will be placed in Lego Lambeau in that order.
There is room for a 7-letter nickname of your choice that will be printed on the back above the number. 
The Neville Team Roster with the full names of the people next to their numbers will be on display in the Neville Public Museum. 

Be a part of Lego Lambeau today! 

Select a figurine
Full name and nickname

The color of the figurine’s outfits will vary. For a more customized figurine come to the Gift Shop for options to choose from or bring in your own from home!

Download the Neville Fan Figure brochure
For more information, call (920) 448-7874 or email Katy, Neville Public Museum Foundation Development and Events Coordinator.