The Neville Public Museum

74th Art Annual

Exhibit Opens: 11-May-2019
Exhibit Ends: 09-Jun-2019

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Art exhibits have been a significant part of the Neville Public Museum's history since its beginning in 1915. In 1942, museum director, Earl Wright, initiated this juried art competition as a forum for contemporary dialog and visual interpretation across a wide spectrum of art forms. The Art Annual is open to anyone 18 or older that currently lives and produces art in the 24 counties of northeastern Wisconsin and the 14 counties of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

Each year a new juror from outside the region is asked to guest curate the exhibition. This year's juror was Lena Vigna, Curator of Exhibitions at the Racine Art Museum.  Of the nearly 200 entries submitted, Ms. Vigna chose these 52 works of art that were produced by 37 regional artists within the last three years.

“It can actually be a great day when artists make my job a little harder – such was the case in choosing work for the Neville Public Museum’s 74th Art Annual. In jurying, there is always a concentrated and careful study from work to work but the creativity and quality of these entries ensured reconsideration after reconsideration. Bold color, imaginative narratives, and inventive processes and approaches to materials were the name of the day. Kudos to all the entrants for offering up their creative output and double kudos to all those whose works were accepted.” – Lena Vigna 

Place winners:

1st place: Andrew Linskens,for his acrylic painting entitled Abstract Antlers. 

2nd place: Kerie Karls, for her mixed media work entitled Rising Into Her Fullness.

3rd place: Donald Taylor, for his wood fired porcelain vessel entitled Moon Pot.

Honorable Mentions:

Tom Friese, for his oil and cold wax painting entitled Flyover Series: Studio Fire 40% Contained. 
James Tobias-Becker for his mixed media sculpture entitled Lady Day (Billie Holiday). 
Joshua Leach, for his photograph entitled Refuge. Carolyn Paplham for her digital media illustration entitled The Universal Sign.

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