The Neville Public Museum

Reviving Traditional Arts of The Oneida - OnʌyoteɁa·ká·

Exhibit Opens: 09-Jan-2021
Exhibit Ends: 13-Jun-2021

From historic Oneida artists, to renewal and revitalization of traditional art forms, this exhibit highlights the cultural significance and enduring legacy of basketry, pottery and silverwork among the Oneida people.The intention of this exhibit is to showcase the functional and aesthetic aspects these art forms have among broader Haudenosaunee artists and amplifies the renaissance of Native arts and culture in Northeast Wisconsin.  To put it in the Oneida language,Tetwátlatstá (Day-dwa-tlats-staa), "We are going over it again." This exhibit is a collaboration with the Oneida Nation Arts Program and is co-curated by the Oneida Nation Museum and the Neville Public Museum.

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