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Building our Community: Over 100 Years of Architecture & Design in Brown County

Exhibit Opens: 16-Apr-2015
Exhibit Ends: 20-Mar-2016

Established in Green Bay in 1898, Berners-Schober Associates has accumulated an archive of several thousand buildings, including some of the most recognizable landmarks throughout Brown County. This exhibit will feature the plans, drawings and photographs of the buildings that have shaped the neighborhoods we see today, along with the influential figures behind them.  The Neville Public Museum staff worked collaboratively with a team from Berners-Schober to create the exhibit content and design, which will showcase 100 buildings in Brown County, covering the firm's major body of work: educational, commercial, municipal, religious, and residential structures.

The resulting 3,500 ft² exhibit will incorporate a combination of artifacts, building biographies, original drawings, and interactive elements that will enhance the experience for visitors of all ages.  Digital kiosks will display 360° photographic virtual tours of certain building interiors, while others will take the visitor to the location of where the buildings are located on the landscape. Video interviews with former principal architects will provide additional context of how and why certain structures were designed. Further participatory elements pertaining to the built environment of Brown County will incorporate an interactive table, where visitors can build architectural models using wooden blocks, based on blueprints in the exhibit.

Walking Tours

Visit the historic buildings in this exhibit, on foot, by bike or in your car!  Choose from 4 unique self-guided tours, each one featuring a different neighborhood. 
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