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Life and Death at Fort Howard

Exhibit Opens: 16-Apr-2016
Exhibit Ends: 09-Apr-2017

Two hundred years have passed since the 3rd Infantry of the U.S. Army landed on the west side of the Fox River.  In this exhibit discover the stories of Green Bay’s nineteenth century military post, Fort Howard. It was here, along the shores of the Fox River, where officers, soldiers, and civilians laid the foundations for the community that became Green Bay.  Explore rare artifacts and first-hand accounts that tell the tales of life, lost love, murder and revenge in Life and Death at Fort Howard


The fort is situated on a handsome point of entrance into Green Bay.  It consists of a range of log barracks, facing three sides of a square parade, and surrounded by a stockade of timber, thirty feet high, with block houses at the angles.  The whole is white washed, and presents a neat military presence.  - H.R. Schoolcraft, 1821

 Things To Do and See


Lt. Foster’s Murder: Examine the coat a young lieutenant was wearing when he was murdered by one of his soldiers.  

 Lost Love Letter: Read an undelivered love letter from a distraught lieutenant to his commanding officer’s daughter.  
 Historic Weapons: Explore firearms of the Fort Howard era.  Pick up two different types of muskets and discover how weapon technology changed during the 19th century. 
Play Games:   Play games the soldiers of Fort Howard and the children of the time would have played.  
Dr. Beaumont: Discover the surgical kit of the “Father of Gastric Physiology”, Dr. Beaumont.  (On loan from the University of Chicago Library) 

Going to a Ball: Hear a first-hand account of a ball at the fort and see what officers and ladies would wear to these exciting social events. 


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