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Top 5 Moments at the Museum in 2019

Monday, December 30, 2019
1. “Delay of Game” wins National and State Award
“Delay of Game: Experiences of African American Football Players in Titletown” (August 2018-March 2019) was awarded two prestigious awards in 2019. First was the Award of Merit from the American Association of State and Local History. Second was the Museum Exhibit Award from the Wisconsin Historical Society. “Delay of Game” explored how the experiences, challenges, and contributions of African American Packers players have changed this community.

2. Expanding Culture & Curiosity Campaign
In May 2019, after thirty-six years, the core gallery on the second floor closed to the public for a much-needed upgrade. Museum staff are currently working on preparing new artifacts and stories for the upgraded exhibit. But don't worry...we're keeping some of your favorites like Stompy the Mastodon and the Ice Harvesting video! To support the gallery upgrade and care for the exhibit in the future the Neville Public Museum Foundation launched the Expanding Culture and Curiosity Campaign! Find more information on how you can support this project here.

3. Morbid Curiosities Moves to Collections Storage
Morbid Curiosities, the flashlight tour of untold stories in the museum, returned for its fourth year in 2019. In the past the tour was led through “On the Edge of the Inland Sea,” the permanent exhibit on the second floor. But since the exhibit is closed for renovations the tour moved to collections storage. Visitors discovered what happens to artifacts when they’re not on display as well as enjoyed the untold, morbid stories the collection holds.

4. Our Brown County at the Airport
After over a year on display at the museum a portion of the “Our Brown County” exhibit was moved to the Green Bay Austin Straubel Airport! The exhibit was a celebration of 200 years of Brown County history. We’re excited to see the exhibit live on and help pass time for travelers.

5. New Collections Acquisitions 
This year the museum took in several new objects so here are a couple highlights! First is the Somali outfit created by the United Resisters for the “Our Brown County” exhibit. The team that created it has graciously donated the outfit to the permanent collection, the first Somali piece to be added in the museum’s history. Second, is the “Loggers” sculpture gifted to the Neville Public Museum by Associated Bank. The piece is a depiction of the mid-19th century logging era in Wisconsin, measuring approximately 12 feet high by 9 feet wide and 34 feet long. The sculpture was created in 1980 and was commissioned by the bank’s predecessor. It is signed and dated by artist Lyndon Fayne Pomeroy (1925-2018). 

Stay tuned for what's coming in 2020!

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