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H.C. Prange Co.: Bringing Back a Memory

Wednesday, November 30, 2016
I took my position as an intern hoping to grow and learn more in the field of museum work. I was blessed to do more than I ever expected at my first internship. During my time at the Neville my main task was to create and set up two photography exhibits, but I also completed many research requests as well as scanning photos for future exhibitions.

One of the two photography displays I created was During the Winter which features photographs of the H.C. Prange Co. department store. Coming into this process I had no idea what the store was, since the last store closed the year I was born. But after doing research and talking to members of the Neville staff and family members I was awed by the impression the store left on its visitors. H.C. Prange Co. was known for its magical window displays, especially during the holiday season.

Here are some of my favorite photos including H.C. Prange Co. and other winter scenes.

This window display is unique in that it is just spreading Christmas cheer and is not trying to sell specific products. 17.2006.10 Collection of the Neville Public Museum of Brown County This is one of the many window displays that featured animals having a joyful time in the snow.  17.2006.16  Collection of the Neville Public Museum of Brown CountyThis is a photo of H.C. Prange Co. in Green Bay in the 1970s decorated for the holiday season. 18.1988.612  Henry Lefebvre Collection of the Neville Public Museum of Brown CountyHorses and sleighs are not as easy to park as automobiles. At least it appears to be the case in this early 20th century image of the parking lot at H.C. Prange’s department store.  45.2004.100 Collection of the Neville Public Museum of Brown County 

I was able to learn so much about Green Bay’s pastime and the wonderful holiday joy the department store was able to spread.  Being able to set up the two exhibits was far more than I imagined doing. I am thankful that I was able to learn how to handle objects and photographs, scan photos, and prepare them for display. I even learned some history of Northeastern Wisconsin.

Explore Holiday Memories and During the Winter now through January 15, 2017!

Marissa Schroeder

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