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The Face of Morbid Curiosities

Monday, October 09, 2017
Every photograph has a story. This photo has been popular as the face of our upcoming sold out event Morbid Curiosities. You may be surprised to know that this isn’t a stock image we found but an image from our vast photography collection. It features Helen Morrow, the ghost of Captain’s Walk Winery.

A man named Elisha Morrow built a house in Green Bay in 1857 for his wife and six daughters. He was an early organizer of the Republican Party of Wisconsin and one of the delegates who helped get Abraham Lincoln nominated as the Republican candidate for president in 1860.

The second youngest of Morrow’s daughters, Helen, inherited her much beloved home after her father died. Helen was forced to sell the property to the Green Bay Women’s Club in 1920 because she didn’t have the money to keep it. Helen eventually moved to Boston to help raise her nephew after the passing of her sister but returned to Green Bay later in life. She was never able to purchase back her family home. Helen passed away in 1952 at the age of 90.

The house went through four more owners before Brad and Eric Schmiling purchased it and turned it into Captain’s Walk Winery in 2006. Helen is believed to be the ghost who haunts the building today. It is said that she throws books, runs the freight elevator, flickers lights, and turns the sinks on and off. While renovating, they stayed one night in the house, and one night only. That night they heard a little girl bouncing a ball and running around giggling on the second floor…but no one else was there.

So, next time you go wine tasting at Captain’s Walk, make sure you’re nice to Helen… after all – it’s still her home!
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